What does On-Site Solutions do?


On-Site Solutions is a leading provider of Network, PC and printer customer support and repair services.  Our service solutions enable leading companies to effectively facilitate IT and end user service and streamline workflow.  In addition we can provide consulting services in the form of objective recommendations for hardware and software purchases and upgrades, comparative pricing for budget planning, network and infrastructure design planning, and hardware and software procurement services.  Most recently we have added web hosting and page design to our suite of services.

What Problems can On-Site Solutions solve?


High service & support costs

Telephone support is expensive and inconsistent

IT employees salaries, benefits and training are at an all time high


Relieve overworked IT staff during extreme situations

We let you bump up your staff when you need it

With immediate phone support and on-site times in 2 hours


Control service costs with fixed price annual service agreements

Budget for exactly what you will need

Have confidence that no matter what goes wrong, it won’t cost extra


Avoid long repair parts delivery delays

We keep most service parts in stock, those that are not are usually delivered the next morning


How can On-Site Solutions help my business?

On-Site Solutions is a leading provider of hardware, software and network PC and printer services.  By using our service solutions, companies such as National Public Radio, Computer Sciences Corporation, American Diabetes Association, Carfax and many more are enjoying the following benefits:


Reduced Support Costs

                          All parts and labor at a fixed annual cost

                          Discount pricing for hardware and software

                          Reduced labor rates for installations and upgrades

                          Single point of contact for all service and support


Improved Customer Satisfaction

                          Consistent response time to all service calls

Always on, service available 7X24

Support teams provide dedicated technicians


When I call for service, do I have to use a complicated Automated System?


No!  All calls are answered by a dispatcher.  Having a dispatcher take your call assures that we will get accurate and complete information.  Having this information allows our engineers and technicians to bring repair parts with them and keep most service calls down to a single visit.


Do I have to buy a service contract to use On-Site Solutions?


No, but of course we feel that it is your best value.  We offer several service contract options to suit many needs.  We also offer Time & Materials options for those who need or want to pay as they go.  Contact us today to find out which plans may suit your service needs.


How long will it take to deploy On-Site Solutions services for my business?

Our service is turn-key. The On-Site Solutions service team has been in place for 13 years and we are ready to start today.  There are no people to hire, no parts to order for stock and nothing to install.  We provide a complete range of services, one of which will surly fit your companies needs.  If not, tell us and we will design a service program with your organizations needs specifically in mind.


To give your company a competitive edge and peace of mind, let On-Site Solutions take care of your hardware, software and service needs.

Service when you need it

Frequently Asked Questions