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Since 1990, On-Site Solutions has been providing the Washington DC metro area’s small and medium businesses with expertise on specific technology solutions. Whether your company retains a full-time Information Technology department, or relies on a completely outsourced computer support staff, implementing a new system can be a frightening and risky endeavor if you don't have plenty of hands-on experience with the new technology. We have the design, installation, and maintenance know-how with diverse areas of business technology to make sure your projects are completed on time, under budget, and with minimal business interruption. If your needs fall within one of our areas of expertise, let us make your next project a complete success!


On-Site Solutions’ Top Areas of Expertise


Business Technology Consulting and Management


On-Site’s technology professionals don't believe that every company needs to have the latest and greatest technology just to be "on the cutting edge." Our concern is for your business first, and how technology can help you save and earn money. Each individual business is unique in their computer needs. With our vast business experience in diverse industries including as healthcare, financial, entertainment, legal, retail, manufacturing, insurance, and education, we can recommend technology solutions to improve your unique line of business.

Microsoft Exchange Server

As one of Microsoft's leading partners in Exchange implementations, On-Site has performed over one hundred installations and upgrades. Beyond design, setup, and maintenance services, On-Site works with companies to fully utilize the communication and productivity features of Exchange and Outlook to streamline their business processes and get the most from their investment.

Active Directory Implementations

Converting from a Windows NT domain platform to a Windows 2000/2003 platform using Active Directory can be a daunting task. This is why so many businesses have relied on On-Site Solutions to plan and perform the tricky migration from NT to Active Directory, and plan a successful migration strategy for users and computer accounts. On-Site can help your company utilize the advanced network management features of Active Directory, which go beyond simple centralization of accounts. Group Policies will secure your desktops. Roaming profiles will allow users to log into any workstation in the company, and access the same information as if they were sitting at their desk, and folder redirection will make sure that all user data is stored on servers with backup instead of individual desktops.

Remote Access Solutions

With today's technology, there's no reason that productivity needs to end when you leave the office. Whether your company has telecommuting employees, an outside sales force, or frequently traveling management, there's a remote access solution that works for you. On-Site's consultants will work with you - learning how you need to do business on the road - and recommend and implement solutions which will let you work in or out of the office simply, securely, and seamlessly.

LAN/WAN Network Design and Data Security

With the proliferation of the Internet as a vital business tool, virtually all computers in the world are connected to each other through a public network. This means that it's now more important than ever to take additional measures to protect your company's most valuable technology asset: your data. When it comes to security, On-Site looks at the big picture, from routine data backup operations, to sample restorations of data, to off-site data relocation, to physical security, and to making sure that your network is protected from viruses, worms, intruders, and hackers. Beyond data security, our team of network engineers can design or re-engineer your local and wide-area networks to perform with the highest possible degree of efficiency and speed.