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Network design & service

On-Site Solutions Network Services Division has an ongoing commitment to provide clients with state-of-the-art technology and consulting. In keeping with this commitment, OSS offers local area network (LAN) support services to assist you in designing, implementing and maintaining desktop workstations and LANs of all types.

LANs are a rapidly developing technology and many of our clients require the functionality LANs can offer. With increased computing power at the desktop, LANs furnish a way to network these workstations to provide cost-effective and efficient solutions for your data processing needs. These needs may include electronic mail, host connectivity, file and printer sharing, multi-user group applications, central backup and security, and client/server applications.

Our PC/LAN support staff is prepared to provide specialized services on a one-time or ongoing basis to meet your particular needs. Some clients may not have the need, opportunity nor the facility to develop staff expertise in such infrequently performed tasks as network design, product evaluation, interoperability testing, cable plants and server configuration. Moreover, most clients occasionally encounter situations in which in-depth technical assistance or special tools may be required to maintain system availability. OSS is prepared to meet these needs with skill, experience and customer-service dedication.

There are other advantages to networking multiple computers.  You can share files and resources such as printers, and make backing up your data much easier.  We can help you unleash the power of all your equipment.

Network Security


With the continual growth in the importance and value (both revenue generating value and intrinsic value) of Information Technology (IT) systems and the commensurate 7x24 non-stop reliance placed on them, organizations of all sizes and shapes must take proactive network security measures.  To address this escalating concern, OSS has created a Security Analysis Evaluation.

The goal of this evaluation is to provide an objective analysis that empowers an organization to identify and eliminate potential exposure to internal and external network security breaches.


File & Application Servers


The importance of network file and application servers is quickly realized when one of them goes down. In today's environment any unplanned downtime can be costly and frustrating. From small workgroup servers to enterprise-wide, high-performance servers with the most stringent up-time requirements, our server solutions are custom-sized to fit any application, budget, or workload.

Some features you should consider for your servers include:

7x24 Servers                                      ·  Server Clustering

RAID                                                  ·  Standby Servers

Redundant power                  ·  Hot-plug PCI adapters


We can explain these technologies and help you decide which ones are appropriate for your environment and budget.



We provide expert network integration services for networks of all types and sizes. We go beyond simply knowing how to install and optimize NetWare and Windows NT. Our certified engineers design and install solutions that include all of Novell's and Microsoft's products, as well as a wide range of software and hardware products from all of the leading manufactures.

Our networking experience ranges from self-contained local area networks to multi-site wide and global area networks.


Telecommuting & Remote Access


Today's business climate requires virtually continuous access to important corporate data, from anyplace using diverse platforms. Whether users need access from home or from another continent, over dial-up or Internet connections, your IS department will greatly benefit from our user-friendly remote access offerings.

Users can access e-mail from any Internet browser, from any modem-equipped computer, or even just a regular telephone. Or run corporate database applications from computers anywhere in the world, using dedicated dial-up systems or the Internet as the transport medium.

If you're interested in learning more about what telecommuting can do for you please call us today to arrange a personal meeting. Every client's telecommuting needs vary and there are a number of options and criteria that must be analyzed on a company-by-company basis.

Today, telecommuting makes sound business sense.  In the long term, successful telecommuting programs will allow businesses to improve their profitability.  In addition, some benefits include:


Improved Employee Productivity

Schedule Flexibility

Increased Time Available for Work

Overhead Reductions

Improved Employee Retention & Attraction

Program Continuity


Remote Network Management


Remote Network Management delivers comprehensive monitoring and administration of your entire network, all of which is provided remotely via the Internet or a WAN connection. Remote Network Management continuously monitors your network and checks for more than 400 network problems. It also provides you with important network and server performance data that allows you to track utilization and know that your network is operating optimally. For large installations that need a helping hand or small organizations that can not justify a full-time technical support staff, our Remote Network Management solutions provide you with the control and support your corporate networks need.


Data Integrity/Backup/Disaster recovery planning


It's 4:31pm on a Friday afternoon and you have to get your AutoCAD files to the printers before a 5:00 deadline when a server hard drive crashes taking your files with it. Now you've got a dead server, a missed deadline, an unhappy client and lost revenue. Disaster. With On-Site’s help, equipment failures of this sort don't have to be disasters - only small setbacks that are quickly and calmly resolved.

Disaster Recovery Services is the process of protecting yourself against lost data or downtime as a result of hardware or software failure. If your organization has any computers at all, eventually something will fail and the level of catastrophe will depend upon your level of readiness. On-Site Solutions can help you be prepared.

On-Site approaches disaster recovery planning in three stages:

       ·  Analysis - We will perform an analysis of your current system to identify weaknesses and potential "single points of failure". These findings are summarized in writing.

·  Correction - Our Advanced Networking Services group will take steps to implement whatever suggestions are made during the analysis.

·  Documentation - Recovery procedures from any type of failure are documented so that your staff will know exactly what steps to take in the event of a critical failure.

This is sometimes the most over-looked, yet most vital element of corporate networking. Your organization’s ability to mitigate and recover from a system failure is of paramount importance. Because of its significance, our solutions range from basic daily backup routines to sophisticated, real-time, continual file level protection.


Service & Maintenance Contracts


In addition to our expert engineering services, we can help you maintain your network with a comprehensive set of maintenance contracts. With vendor certifications and years of experience, we can help you get your servers, workstations, printers, and other equipment up and running quickly and efficiently.



If you have any questions or would like more information or to set up a meeting to discuss maintenance for your organization:

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